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Experiences through a lens

Hannu Rinne, software specialist, CimcorpElephant seal and penguinsIcebergPenguinyellow-billed pintailReindeer South Georgia

Hannu Rinne, a software specialist at Cimcorp, packs his bags and photographs birds in different corners of the world. Souvenirs for this collector are photos rivaling the finest nature documentary

Hannu has been a photography enthusiast for about 40 years. His first camera was a Konica, but on this trip he’s taking two SLR cameras. He has spent the equivalent of the price of a small car on photography equipment.

“I have been watching birds since I was in elementary school, and that led to the idea of taking pictures of them. I also take photos of other animals but birds are the easiest to find. And after all, birds do have the most colorful plumage.”

Hannu goes on holiday in search of things to capture on film. He is away on photography trips about six weeks a year on average.

“I would travel a lot less without my camera.”

Safe journey

The traveler has managed to avoid danger, but there are always challenges to be faced on his trips. Sometimes when going after a subject to shoot, you have to climb up a rock face, sometimes you can be caught out by the tide. In Chile, a general strike led to some tricky situations.

”The strikers had closed the motorway from the airport to Punta Arenas apart from police cars and ambulances, and there was a tense situation at the road blocks. To reach the city, you had to walk 15 km, but for the way back, the Honorary Consul of Finland negotiated an ambulance ride back to the airport for us. That was how we got all the luggage and a passenger whose leg was bandaged up to fool the strikers,” Hannu reminisces.

Thanks to his hobby of photography, Hannu has brought home a vast amount of photos. Through them, he is able to look at the situations in a new light. Sometimes the man has got very close to what he was shooting.

“There is a considerable variety in the timidity of animals. In isolated parts of the world, such as the Galapagos Islands and South Georgia, the animals do not really avoid people at all. On the other hand, in Europe they are quite timid.”

Capturing the perfect moment requires both luck and skill. Hannu believes that careful preparation can improve your chances, but luck plays an important role.

”The skill is in being able to take advantage of the situation,” he smiles.

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Hannu Rinne, software specialist, photographer
Hannu Rinne
I have been hankering for a trip to Svalbard, but it won't be happening this year