Automation levels the playing field in goods-to-person distribution

The development of smart machines has progressed at a dizzying pace from assembly line articulated robots to the current autonomous equipment and comprehensive robot systems. Science and technology have nevertheless advanced considerably further than you might deduce based on the applications in use. Making machines smarter offers opportunities for new growth and added competitiveness for companies

In his new book, futurist Mika Aaltonen, together with Rolf Jensen, presents his views of the restructuring of Western society. If the theory is correct, in the future we will have a completely different way of organizing ourselves and millions of one-man factories

Big transformation is going on in the postal industry. Derk Osborn is talking about the challenges and opportunities involved in the transformation.

FDA Food Safety Modernization Act ushers in new requirements and responsibilities

In December 2010, the United States Senate passed the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) in response to a growing public concern about the integrity of both local and imported food supplies and the inability of officials to trace the sources of many tainted foods. As those involved in the food chain begin to examine the impact of the new legislation, one requirement in particular is striking: