Our society, business and technology are changing dynamically. People are always looking for competitive and efficient ways to improve themselves for a promising future. We, Cimcorp, are no exception to this. We believe it’s important to stay competitive and to keep improving ourselves in order to be a reliable partner for our customers and to be an important part of our society. We’re only happy if our solutions and delivered systems make our customers happy.

Since taking on the role of Cimcorp’s CEO in March 2015, I have had the great opportunity and joy of getting to know Cimcorp’s people, the company and its customers. I am very proud to be part of the company as it celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. I have great respect for the people I’ve come to know—the ones that have been essential to helping the company grow, including employees and their family members, shareholders, communities, partners, suppliers, and most importantly, our customers. On behalf of the entire company, I say thank you for all your efforts and loyalty!

On 30 October 2014, Cimcorp had the great pleasure of welcoming Daisuke Murata, President and CEO of Murata Machinery Ltd (Muratec), from Kyoto, Japan, as he announced the acquisition of the Cimcorp Group. Mr Murata and his team were greeted with spontaneous applause by Cimcorp’s personnel, expressing how we feel about the latest development in the group.

Work productivity has increased sevenfold during my lifetime. This increase has been enabled by investments in human capital, investments in machines and equipment, and technological development. A good company is in fact recognized by the fact that it takes good care of its capital - both human and physical.

Human capital is invested in people. This capital develops and grows through experience and training, in other words, through improved expertise. We take care of human capital by investing in people’s welfare, training, and safety.

Smartness seems to be the current trend, not only in automation but also – and especially – in consumer products. Everyday appliances are offering more sophisticated functionality through software-based solutions. As a result of this change, the emphasis of product development has changed radically during the years at Cimcorp, too. Not forgetting our strong mechanical and electrical engineering, the importance of the 'software' side has been duly noted.