Celebrating their 80th anniversary on October 6th this year, the Yaroslavl Tyre Plant is experiencing its rebirth. A few years ago the goal was set to modernize the plant buildings and implement the most advanced technologies in the shortest term. Cimcorp automation and MES projects are a major part of the plan

A couple of years ago Itella invested in the automation of its sorting centers. New sorting centers were built in Kuopio and Oulu and the Tampere and Helsinki centers were refurbished. Within a few years Cimcorp’s MultiPicks have taken their place as a cornerstone of modern optimized mail sorting

Eroski, the Spanish grocery giant, has become the first supermarket chain in Spain to automate its order picking of fresh produce. The result is an award-winning distribution center in Madrid that has doubled the productivity of its available space.

Valio – nowadays the largest dairy products company in Finland – was established in 1905 to help boost the export of Finnish butter. At that time no one would have believed that in the space of 100 years of operation, 200 million kg of products would be order picked by robot. Currently the Valio product portfolio includes about 750 chilled products, a third of which are picked using the Cimcorp MultiPick robot system.