Family and relationships are usually the first things to think of, when talking about a happy and enjoyable life. At the other end of the scale is work. The meaningfulness of one’s work has become more and more significant over the last decade. Thus, finding “the right one” can also refer to job seeking and education. Moving towards a goal – or even just floating in the winds of the world without a clear objective – is a must. No one can stand still for his or her whole life.

Motoring is nice; motorists always give each other room to change lanes and nobody behind the wheel ever suffers from road rage. Motoring may be like this in the future, when smart machines are in charge of driving and people are only in traffic as passengers

Soon there will no longer be any sense in yelling at other people in traffic. Accusations about other people’s ineptitude will no longer be directed at individual drivers, but at car models that are programmed to act in a certain way.

I vividly remember the days when I was in junior high that my one and only goal in the world was to get my moped to go as fast as possible. Nothing else really mattered and to the horror of my parents, I was quite successful in this goal. Filing the carburetor, changing to a bigger cylinder, replacing the wheels at the front and rear, as well as a power exhaust system. These were the basics that gave me a pretty good start.