When our project manager Jari Jylli boards a Turku-Stockholm cruise ship, it’s usually for business rather than pleasure. He has a packed day of negotiations with a customer ahead

With around 120 days per year spent travelling around the world, this time Timo Pessi, a mechanical fitter, headed for the south of Spain, to the town of Guadix in the province of Granada. The aim of the trip was to install eight Cimcorp robot units in the brand-new gleaming Mercadona distribution center. The five-week business trip also gave him the time to explore the local attractions

When Cimcorp’s sales manager Jarno Honkanen and technology director Jyrki Anttonen are asked how the product development work on the Cimcorp 3D Shuttle came about, they answer in unison: from listening to the customer

Cimcorp’s proven warehouse control software (WCS) has been developed to manage fast-moving, real-time, robotic handling operations in order to optimize material flows and meet tight delivery deadlines

Efficient distribution is a key factor when competing in the fields of retail, wholesale and e-commerce. As customers require fast and accurate delivery, the start of the ordered items’ journey has to meet the same requirements

Cimcorp has been gradually extending the scope of its control systems for the tire industry. With its latest module able to control production machines in the raw materials and components area, Cimcorp now provides end-to-end solutions for tire manufacturing plants

At the Cimcorp facility, work is underway on a new robot cell that will help test new robot applications and functionalities. Product development director Lasse Salakari says that the test cell will never be completely ready – it will be adapted and developed continuously along with new features and requirements

Cimcorp’s Dream Factory concept offers extensive logistics automation for tire manufacturers. The productivity enhancing concept can be applied to both greenfield and brownfield projects.

The first robot of the Cimcorp+ series, the more eco-efficient TyrePick+, was unveiled at the Cologne Tire Technology Expo in early February. The new-generation series of robots is the answer to the future trends of the tire industry