Cimcorp’s revolutionary order fulfillment solution is designed to meet the requirements of today’s retail and distribution sectors for smaller order-processing windows and thereby increasing sales.

Companies in the consumer goods market face challenges that are largely due to the increase in e-commerce and the resulting changes necessary to keep up with demand. To overcome these challenges manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers need a well-organized, multi-channel distribution strategy that can be easily updated.

Many tire makers strive to position their tire manufacturing plants close to the regions where tires will be sold. As a result of this strategy, there has been an increase in foreign tire manufacturing companies building new (Greenfield) highly automated plants in the United States.

In order to overcome industry challenges, many large dairy brands are looking to automate their facilities, including The Kroger Company (Kroger). Cimcorp’s Distribution Systems Manager, Derek Rickard and Warehouse Systems Applications Manager, Tom Pollard are deeply immersed in the implementation and customization of automated systems for various industries, and have witnessed the increasing trend of automation in the dairy industry.

As Chairman of Sentury Tire, the rapidly expanding Chinese manufacturer, Qin Long is a tire industry tycoon. He could also be described, with equal accuracy, as a typhoon. This is a man of immense confidence, acumen and conviction who makes an unforgettable impression. Paula Ovaskainen interviewed him at the recent Tire Technology Expo.

• Ran at full capacity
• In 50% less space
• With a 50% smaller investment

This is your solution

The Cimcorp Dream Factory optimizes material and data flow for tire manufacturers from raw material storage to the finished tire loading dock.

Global supply chains are an elaborate orchestration of precise processes that enable products to routinely move from point A to point B without a glitch. One of the more complex components of this logistical symphony is accurate order fulfillment. To maintain accuracy, productivity and efficiency across operations, a variety of factors must be considered.

As global e-commerce sales continue to grow, finding the most efficient way to pick, pack and ship goods directly to consumers is fast becoming the Holy Grail of modern distribution. Cimcorp’s 3D Shuttle™ provides an innovative and highly cost-effective solution to the challenges posed by e-commerce.

Technology director Jyrki Anttonen:

The latest achievement of Cimcorp’s product development, the Cimcorp+ High Speed Monorail Transfer System, optimizes the tire production process by transporting green tires twice as fast as before. The world’s fastest green tire monorail transfer system will be unveiled at the Cologne Tire Technology Expo in February 2015.

Product Manager Jani Tuomola:

During 2015, approx. 50 Cimcorp+ High Speed Monorail Transfer solutions for the manufacture of PCR and TBR tires will be installed and become operational worldwide.

Distribution Systems Manager Derek Rickard is based in Grimsby, Canada and works mainly on Layer Picking and Multipick products. His work takes him regularly to different cities and countries. In April Rickard gave a speech in the WERC annual conference in Chicago and became inspired by the future of robotics industry.

Automation of the intralogistics of the entire daily consumer goods distribution center is seldom the right solution. However, profitability and productivity can easily be increased with independent automation islands, fitting seamlessly into the overall process.