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Redeeming Our Promises

Our society, business and technology are changing dynamically. People are always looking for competitive and efficient ways to improve themselves for a promising future. We, Cimcorp, are no exception to this. We believe it’s important to stay competitive and to keep improving ourselves in order to be a reliable partner for our customers and to be an important part of our society. We’re only happy if our solutions and delivered systems make our customers happy.

As the pioneers of automated robotic solutions for intralogistics, Cimcorp’s mission is to apply our expertise and passion to simplify customers’ material flows for the best output. Quite simply, we’re here for our customers.

Understanding our customers’ businesses and operations is the key to being a good partner. Our 40 years of industry experiences, knowledge acquired through projects and our openness to explore new ideas make us experts in logistics and automation. While we listen to customers to understand their plan, we often challenge them with our recommended solutions and open the discussion further to reach better conclusions. The sales process is where you plan your future with us and we make sure that it is an experience you enjoy.

Our professionals design the whole intralogistics system, software control and equipment hardware. Developing and manufacturing ‘robots’ remains our key technology. However, the development of software for warehouse control systems (WCS) and manufacturing execution systems (MES) have taken a larger role than before because customers are looking for optimal solutions for their operations as a whole. We strive to improve our technical capabilities in all areas to better serve our customers.

We are a manufacturer as well as a project house that delivers integrated systems. Our turnkey delivery includes the processes of designing, producing, testing, and completing on-site installation and commissioning. Experienced professionals for all processes work together as a ‘team’ and the process is continuously improved by insight received from the quality management system. Our post-sale service group and local partner network will serve you for the rest of the system’s life.

I am confident that the Cimcorp team of passionate professionals will deliver the best system to satisfy your needs.