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Cimcorp culture – passion, innovation, professionalism and teamwork

Masatoshi Wakabayashi, CEO at Cimcorp

Since taking on the role of Cimcorp’s CEO in March 2015, I have had the great opportunity and joy of getting to know Cimcorp’s people, the company and its customers. I am very proud to be part of the company as it celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. I have great respect for the people I’ve come to know—the ones that have been essential to helping the company grow, including employees and their family members, shareholders, communities, partners, suppliers, and most importantly, our customers. On behalf of the entire company, I say thank you for all your efforts and loyalty!

At Cimcorp, we have a passion for optimized material flow and developing innovative solutions that deliver more with less. But this is only possible because of Cimcorp’s dedication to our customers and the extensive expertise of our staff.

Engineering is the basis of what we do. Our offerings are as extensive as the definition of engineering is broad. At Cimcorp, we develop, design, integrate and support comprehensive turn-key, automation solutions. Utilizing better warehouse layout design, intelligent software and advanced robotics, our solutions require fewer components, yet deliver increased efficiency.

As a team, Cimcorp partners, suppliers, staff and even customers work closely to create solutions that not only meet the specific needs of projects, but often exceed expectations. From our Dream Factory, 3D Shuttle and Multi/Layer Pick Systems to AGVs, warehouse control systems (WCS) and ‘islands’ of automation, Cimcorp’s solutions are leading a revolution in material and data flow and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

Each member of the project architecture teams, including our customers, plays an important role. Just like the sports that I love, strategy and innovation at Cimcorp are executed by skilled individuals that work as a team with passion and a drive for winning! Read on in this edition of Flow Magazine—replacing Pick magazine—to learn more about the results of our teamwork and innovation.

As a newly instated CEO, there’s always curiosity about the true inner-workings of a company. What I discovered at Cimcorp is nothing short of excellence. Here’s to the 41st year, the 50th year and many more exciting years to come! Our pride and passion push us forward with continued focus on self-improvement and burning innovation to continue to lead the intralogistics revolution through professionalism and teamwork. 

Masatoshi Wakabayashi, CEO, Cimcorp Oy