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The right one.

Family and relationships are usually the first things to think of, when talking about a happy and enjoyable life. At the other end of the scale is work. The meaningfulness of one’s work has become more and more significant over the last decade. Thus, finding “the right one” can also refer to job seeking and education. Moving towards a goal – or even just floating in the winds of the world without a clear objective – is a must. No one can stand still for his or her whole life.

For most the idea of happiness includes having both family and career, but for some, it’s all about personal growth, education and career and family does not factor into the happiness equation. The latter concept often leads to accusations of antisocialism or even narcissism for failing to follow the path of many versus that of few.

So why do people need that magical combination of relationship and personal growth to attain real joy?

For most people still, sharing life’s ups and downs with another human being and finding a meaningful career are fundamental. In many cases, the two goals overlap: the right partner is found from working circles, from a next-door classroom, from another faculty at the university, or even from a rival company. The moment Mark met Susanna at the company’s pre-Christmas party, or when Janet met Chris at the university library, something new was born. Maybe it was love at first sight, or maybe just comfortable co-existing that grew in time to be something much more. Whatever the reason why, the outcome was the same: two people became one entity. While still being individuals in their own right, together they were something more.

Once the goal of finding the right one is completed, life is usually beautiful and things tend to go well. When interests, characteristics, values and ambitions are shared with a similar-minded soul, truth is often stranger than fiction – in a good way, that is. Just like when Mark met Susanna and Janet met Chris. And when Cimcorp met Muratec.