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Our experts out in the world

At the heart of the wine and flamenco country

Timo Pessi, CimcorpPorin ÄssätInstallation of MultiPick systemSpanish bowls

With around 120 days per year spent travelling around the world, this time Timo Pessi, a mechanical fitter, headed for the south of Spain, to the town of Guadix in the province of Granada. The aim of the trip was to install eight Cimcorp robot units in the brand-new gleaming Mercadona distribution center. The five-week business trip also gave him the time to explore the local attractions

07:00 The Mulhacen Hotel, named for Sierra Nevada's highest peak, is Timo’s home for the duration of the trip. He wakes up every day at the same time, and after breakfast it is time to leave for the site, which is about a ten-minute drive from the hotel. Four rental cars are available for the 20-man installation team to get around. Each member of the team does the same work.

08:00 In Spain, the working hours are 8am-6pm, and Saturday is also a working day. The task of the international installation team is to install eight robot units imported from Finland at the new Mercadona distribution center (DC) and to ensure their functionality. For Cimcorp, this is a medium-sized project. According to Timo, the local way of working differs from the Finnish in terms of tranquility. Although it takes a little more time than in Finland, however, the project is progressing on schedule and without problems.

12:00 Lunch is eaten at the local plant cafeteria, which is a positive surprise with its diverse spread of locally sourced food. Today it is Timo's new favorite - pork steak with potatoes. After 13 years of traveling around the world, Timo is also used to eating quite exotic foods, and at least so far in Spain he has not come across anything that he couldn’t eat. The cafeteria gets a special vote of thanks for its excellent cuisine.

13:00 After eating well, it is time to return to work. The DC is new and clean. It is great to work in a clean environment, and there are no unexpected challenges for the experienced installation technician. Timo, who does the same job in Finland, says the local co-workers are affable and cooperation with them has gone smoothly from the outset. Besides Timo, the installation team consists of a maximum of 11 Finns, and he also spends some of his free time with them. The working day ends at six p.m. and after that there is an opportunity to take it easy. Sundays are generally dedicated to walking around and taking in the local scenery.

18:00 After a long hard day, the installation team comes back to the hotel and Timo heads straight to the shower. Some of the team decide to go for a jog. After a refreshing shower, it is time for dinner. The hotel bar offers tasty tapas, washed down with a few beers. This is enough to keep even a big man going until breakfast. There is something special coming up this evening. The deciding play-off match in the Finnish ice hockey league final is being shown live over the Internet and all the Finns are gathering in the same room to watch the game. Ice hockey is an extremely popular sport in Finland, so the excitement of the closing minutes of the match was sky-high. The match was won by Timo’s favorite team, Porin Ässät, from the hometown of Cimcorp.

22:00 After the game, there is still a moment to relax in peace and quiet. The hotel room’s entertainment is provided by the Internet, and while browsing, Timo also thinks about his family. There are two small children and his wife waiting at home, who he always misses when away on the road. His family, however, has no problems with Timo’s trips and that's just as well, because more trips are likely to be coming up in the future. Timo certainly wouldn’t mind coming back to Spain again.

23:00 Time to go to sleep and recharge the batteries for a new busy day.

Timo Pessi

  • Mechanical technician
  • 13 years’ experience
  • 120 travel days a year
  •  Favorite location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Most recent location: Spain, Guadix, the brand-new Mercadona distribution center